How do I get a logo?


The best way to get a logo is to have it professionally designed. Although there are cheap online logo design services, from our experience the best value and service is from small local graphic design shops or print shops.

 By going for a small freelance graphic designer or print shop with an in-house designer, you’re going to avoid paying thousands that you might pay with an ad agency or large design firm but still get a quality logo with personal service.  These small design businesses are also excellent at designing business cards and print materials so you can often get good deals by getting them to design your business cards, stationery and logo at once.  This also helps you nail that brand consistency.

Tips for choosing a designer and getting the best result

Make sure you view examples of their previous work — and you like what they’ve done previously. If they have a large portfolio of great looking logo design examples, you can be more confident in their ability to design you a great logo.  Have a chat to other small businesses you know who have great looking logos and ask who they used and whether they would recommend the designer.  If you’re a small business starting out, you shouldn’t need to spend thousands on logo design so if you feel like the price you’ve been quoted might be too high, ask around to see what other people paid.  Even the best designers can only delight their clients if they have a clear brief of what the client wants.  If the brief from the client is too vague, it’s very difficult to know where to begin with the design.