Akhona - The Beauty and the Inspiration

Akhona, The Dreadlock Princess, was our first ever winner of our Face of Media Mania modelling competition back in 2012. She showed passion, hardwork and commitment to her art and continued her quest to become a professional model. So where is she now?

Well judging from the work she has done and is doing, it looks like she continued striving for her dreams. She has done model campaigns for Mr. Price, Jabu Stone, Cell C, and Sta-Sof-Fro to name a few. She's an inspiration to girls and young women out there; showing them that it doesn't matter where you come from, the future is what you make it.


Here's what she had to say to young girls and women out there:

"I've been rejected so many times..."

Ever since I started my modeling career my height has always worked against me but It never stopped me from pursuing my dream, I’ve been rejected so many times and I ddnt believe in myself but I had a very strong support system, a village of women who water my garden continuously.

"I'm passionate about inspiring people to fulfill their own dreams"

I am grateful for these kind of women in my life. When you have struggled with low self-esteem, to have anyone root for you feels good. Loving and accepting myself was the best decision Ifas41s` ever made, knowing my end goal and keeping a positive attitude is what keeps me going and I have found that each year I accomplish something better, which lets me know that I am not wasting my time. I'm passionate about inspiring people to fulfill their own dreams. I want to inspire young girls to take responsibilities for and control of their lives.

"I hope to inspire other young models through my story"

My wish is for every young person who comes from nothing to change their lives and focus on the bigger picture. I’ve been given so many wonderful opportunities in life and I would love to pass those gifts to other people. The best way to celebrate success is to give back and I have a lot to share with those around me. I hope to inspire other young models through my story and that I will be able to open doors for other petite models who have the drive and the look but maybe not the height, because we deserve an opportunity too! Finally accepting that the principal part of faith is patience. You will eventually get everything you need in God’s timing.


Here's Akhona's photos from The Face of Media Maniax 2012. HERE