How to build your brand

1.  Start by defining your brand.

Review the product or service your business offers, pinpoint the space in the market it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of your customers. Your brand character should promote your business, connect with your customer base and differentiate you in the market.

2.  When building your brand, think of it as a person.

Every one of us is an individual whose character is made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define who we are and who we connect with. Our personality determines how we behave in different situations, how we dress and what we say. Of course for people it's intuitive and it's rare that you even consider what your own character is, but when you're building a brand it's vital to have that understanding.

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April Tools - Newsletter

Monthly advertising design services

Over the years we've noticed that clients often request promotional designs to advertise their products and services in a rush and at times when it's too late; missing the window to effectively run their promotions.

It's for this reason we're offering clients an opportunity to be ahead with all their marketing. We will design your promotional materials and/or update your content a month in advance so you're never caught offguard during busy months and always have material to share with clients and potential clients aswell.

Monthly we will suggest campaigns and create designs for your website, social media, marketing materials and newsletters etc;for upcoming special dates, events or seasons  like the following:

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Website for your Wedding?

Though weddings are about 2 people and 2 families joining together, they're also about sharing a special moment in your life with friends and other loved ones. It's always important and in the woman's priority to make it special and unique in some way that will make it memorable to everyone who was there. One way you can make the wedding unique is by sharing the whole experience from start to finish.


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THe Affluent Group - Logo Design

The Affluent Group is an SME that manufactures household materials from dish washing liquids to bleaches and toilet cleaning materials. They approached us to design a logo for their parent company. 

We decided on somthing non-specific, innovative but simple. We did not want people to look at the logo and know what the company does. It needed to scream innovation but leave a bit of mystery along the way. A good place to start and a great design trick is to use one of the letters in the name; in this case "A". Here are the 2 alternatives we designed for them. Website

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Graduating this year?

Graduation is a big deal, it signifies success and the start of a new chapter in your life. You want the most special people to be there, you spend a fortune or enough on that special attire so you look good on stage when going to accept everything you've worked so hard for. It's a special time in your life and it should look extra special when you look back at it in your photos. So do not get a family member to take your photos with her phone and end up with blurry pictures, use a professional photographer who will make your day look extra special.

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